Pro-Life course about abortion by Brandon Vogt

FREE Pro-Life video course by Brandon Vogt

The long-awaited reversal of Roe v Wade has stirred up much debate about the topic of abortion. Thankfully, Brandon Vogt decided to make his Pro-Life video course free.

The streaming course includes the following sections, with each video being 8 to 30 minutes long:

  • Understanding the Abortion Issue
  • The One Key Question
  • Trot Out the Toddler
  • Expert Interview with Trent Horn
  • How to Discuss the Hard Cases
  • Answering the Best Pro-Choice Objections
  • Tips and Strategies for Discussing Abortion
  • Book Talk: Best Books on Abortion
  • A recorded Live Q&A

Vogt’s classes are high-quality, living room-style lectures that clearly explain complex topics in layman’s terms. He offers a variety of other Catholic streaming courses through a membership plan called “Claritas U” that costs $20 per month.

Vogt is a well-known Catholic theologian who uses modern technology to reach the masses. He might be best known as the content director for Bishop Robert Barron and Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

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