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The Augustine Institute works to educate the public about the Catholic Faith through graduate classes, video productions, courses, study programs, books, audio talks, and its own robust streaming service.

Parish-Based Kiosk Program

The Augustine Institute published a variety of Catholic content in the form of books and booklets, plus CD and MP3 which are often recorded at parish missions. The effort has captured the theological insights of big-name Catholic speakers such as:

  • Scott Hahn
  • Matthew Kelly
  • Bishop Robert Barron
  • and many more
Set of metal shelves about 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide with a variety of books and CDs with cover art featuring Bible scenes and Saints.

They sell these items online through But these items are also for sale in local Catholic bookstores and even parishes.

Whether they realize it or not, most Catholics are familiar with Augustine Institute books and CDs. The organization merged with popular publisher Lighthouse Catholic Media in 2015. Today, more than 7,500 parishes sell their products via self-pay kiosks stationed in church lobbies.

The Augustine Institute recruits a network of volunteers, across the nation, called “emissaries,” to purchase and stock these handy shelves full of books, CDs, and pamphlets. Patrons may buy an item from a kiosk on the “honor system,” by placing funds into a money box built into the kiosk. Most materials only cost between $1 and $5.

Digital Delivery

Keeping up with digital trendsetters like Kindle,, and Netflix, The Augustine Institute developed FORMED, a website and mobile app that delivers thousands of movies, study programs, audio files, and ebooks instantly.

Family gathered on a couch watching a program call "Presence, the Mystery of the Eucharist"

Members get access to a massive library of valuable content for all ages featuring a wide variety of Catholic content creators including:

  • Augustine Institute President Tim Gray
  • Chris Stefanick
  • Edward Siri
  • and many more

This on-demand content is accessible through very affordable individual subscriptions and even parish-wide subscriptions.

The Augustine Institute the “Amen App” for mobile devices. This free Catholic prayer app helps inspire daily conversation with God through meditations and scripture passages.

Graduate School of Theology

For those who want a more traditional form of education, the Augustine Institute provides graduate-level college experience. The school offers four degree paths, both from its campus in Denver, Colorado, and through online learning.

  • Master of Arts: Pastoral Theology
  • Master of Arts: Theology
  • Master of Arts: Theology with Concentration in Sacred Scripture
  • Master of Arts: Leadership for the New Evangelization

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